Master Planning

What is Master Planning?

The purpose of a Master Plan is to provide a framework for future development of an area or site.  It is a strategic plan that determines the location, scale and types of developments that could occur at a particular area.  The master planning process involves reviewing the existing physical conditions, analysing site issues and developing an agreed strategic plan for the site/area.  Often there is a need to consult with a diversity of stakeholders to assist in determining a series of agreed design outcomes.

Benefits of Master Planning

  • Assists in addressing issues and identifying site constraints
  • Outlines community and user group needs
  • Documents vegetation and geographic features
  • Provides infrastructure and facility plans
  • Assesses the preliminary feasibility of a proposal
  • Probable cost and staging plan
  • Determines funding opportunities


  • Extensive community and stakeholder consultation and agreed outcomes
  • Broad understanding of the site issues and opportunities
  • Specific recommendations for future development and enhancements
  • High level concept plan outlining the design intent of the site area
  • Costed implementation plan


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