Trail Planning

What is Trail Planning?

Trail planning assesses a proposed upgrade and/or new development of a trail or trail network to ensure that the proposal is both sustainable and physically achievable.
Benefits of Trail Planning
The benefits to the community include; social, health, physical fitness, environmental, cultural preservation, heritage and economic.  From an organisational perspective trail planning will assist in:
  • Managing trails professionally, effectively and equitably
  • Providing safe trail designs that adhere to Australian Standards.
  • Catering for diverse trail user groups
  • Developing sustainable use of trails
  • Providing a diverse range of trail opportunities for the community
  • Enhancing relationships with key stakeholders


  • Determination of trail planning principles, including environmental, social and economically sustainable trail provision criteria.
  • Consistent and coordinated approach to trail network planning and design.
  • Development of a strategy and action plan that provides a practical framework for the implementation of the key strategies and actions, identified from the extensive research and assessment processes to ensure a realistic implementation process is achieved.

Trail related activities such as walking and cycling rates have increased in recent years thus there is an increasing demand for trail related enhancements, development and infrastructure in many communities.


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